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Minky Plush Washing Guide by ButtercupBabyPPG Minky Plush Washing Guide by ButtercupBabyPPG
I haven't seen any tutorials specifically for washing minky plushies, though there's probably an overwhelming amount of them that are in need of washing after years of snuggling. This one for instance, is one of my older plushies, and has been snuggled nearly to death for the past 2 years. She's is pretty bad shape and also needs some repairs. I may also make a repair guide if anyone might be interesting. Just for simple things like re-attaching, tails, manes, and holes, but catered toward hand made minky plushies.

If anything is unclear, do mention it! I would be happy to update this guide with more information. (Also feel free to point on spelling spell check in photoshop ahaha...)

Also if any plush makers have any relevant info to add, do say so! I don't know how all other plush makers create their plushies, and I would like for this to be helpful for all types.

Here's the original plush that's being cleaned:
 Pinkie Pie Plushie by ButtercupBabyPPG

Some more things I plan to add to this guide in the future:
-Faux fur cleaning
-Spot cleaning
-Synthetic hair
-Minky fluffing with hair dryer (this actually works much better than just leaving to dry, since the warm air keeps the minky from becoming stiff, and you can brush it while it's drying)

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ButtercupBabyPPG Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2015  Student Filmographer
Just avoid getting the minky too hot, use it from a distance and stop to brush it somewhat frequently. You can actually melt minky if it gets too hot, so it's important it keep in mind.
RogueErugo Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Of course! I'd put the hair dryer on low heat and brush often to make sure it keeps its fluff and flexibility. Thank you! :p
NoxxPlush Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2015  Professional General Artist
Very handy guide! Sometimes people ask me how to clean their plushes for upkeep and it terrifies me, haha. I tell them just to spot-clean, but I'm sure after a while of cuddles, a cleaning like this is necessary! Added it to my resources. Thank you!
MrsVolv Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015  Professional General Artist
Haha I do the same! xD
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